Episode 0: Teaser

On February 2, 2011, 18 year old Moises Meraz Espinoza got into a fight with his mother. He put on music by the band King Diamond, grabbed a cord, and strangled her. He then dismembered her body in the shower, cutting her into hundreds of pieces, removing her fingers and toes, putting the pieces into a freezer in the living room, and peeled the skin off of her skull, into which he carved upside down crosses and carried around in a backpack for the next two days. He then confessed to his cousin what he had done, and turned himself into the authorities.

Two years later, he was put on trial for murder, and that’s where I come in. I’m standup comedian Matt Walker, and I was on the jury for the trial. This is the story of the murder of Amelia Espinoza as told by me, Juror #8.

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